Thursday, 17 January 2013

Pakistani Lelan Salwar Kameez

Pakistani readymade Lelan Salwar Trouser and Dupatta complete three piece women’s suites. This is one of our best brand. In Pakistan especially the mega Cities of Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad and Multan our products are very famous in local market. In the recent days we introduce this brand worldwide globally including Asia, Europe and USA. Our brand is 100% pure and high quality. Lelan cloth is a tradition of Pakistani women’s and mostly women first choice is Lelan suites so we decide to increase our market.

Simple Handmade Lelan Trouser Kameez and Dupatta:

We offer simple handmade work lelan Trouser, Kameez and Duppata with 58 multi choice color. 

Handmade embroidery:

We are also famous to produce very high quality and different shapes of fabulous design handmade embroidery work in Pakistan. There are 58 above colors we offer. 

Three piece Pakistani lelan suites marketing:

We offer reason price for retail. Recently we work in some bothic of Dubai and Abu Dhabi and we achieve our target there. The clothes shops and company owners like our quality so owners give us more orders. In this time we work in India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines are also our targeted markets too. Our customer like our Lelan Suites variety we are only high quality Production Company in Pakistan who offer multiple colors and handmade embroidery from different design. There are minimum 58 colors we have and we decide to add more color after customer’s response.

Prices for Whole Sales:

Our first choice is marketing our product on reliable price so we make a standard price for outside in Pakistan customers. Those prices are very cheap because the reason of wholesalers demands. Recently our few whole sellers requested us for more production so our manufacturing supervisors generate more and quality Lelan suites continuously  and we have not receive a major complain of customers for quality. So we fixed the price on international Currency Rate $55 for each suite. This is our cheapest offer for whole sales for the minimum order is 50 Lelan suites at the start and maximum there is no limit. 

Prices for Retailers:

This is our please that single customer need our quality products. So we make a plan of cheapest offer and we introduce first time single Lelan suite with delivery package only available for $100 for the minimum quantity is 10 suites and maximum 15.

For further details please feel free to contact us on our website, email us and Phone contact. Please contact us to our sales team and negotiate the price, quantity, quality etc.


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