Monday, 20 October 2014

Buy online clothes in Pakistan

Buy Pakistani clothes online. We wholesale clothes for reliable prices in different cities of Pakistan and some other countries.

We make a thousand of men's and women's dresses. We are one of the famous wholesaler in Karachi.  Our product quality and variety is best. 

Please see the product list below

* Salwar Kameez
- Cotton clothes
- Silk clothes
- Lelan clothes
- Jersey clothes

* Duppata
- Stylish chunri
- Matching color
- Variety of clothes (Stock of Variety and quantity)
- Ladies Shawl

* Kurta.
- Mens casual Kutta
- Groom Kurta

* Pajamas
- Mens Pajamas
- Womens Pajamas

* Trousers
- For Mens
- For Womens

* Hair band
- Girls Hair ribbon (Fabric and design quantity is available)
- Womens Hair ribbon

* Ladies fashionable Scarfs
- Variety of Scarfs

* Leather Jackets
- Mens leathers Jackets

* Men Jeans

* Women Jeans

* Men T shirts

* Women T shirts

* Mens casual shirts

* Banarsi suites

Online user direct contact us or email us so provide fully detail for each product of our company. We can not use the images samples of our clothes online however we provide complete details of our customers privately because this method is safe for and reliable. 


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