Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Asian Salwar Kameez Online Sales

Asian largest cloth manufacturing company located in Pakistan. In 2013 we introduce new design and high quality fabrics. Especially we offer Pakistani Salwar Kameez and Dupatta three piece suites. There are so many brands of Salwar Kameez suites. We are only provider in Pakistan that offers so many colors. Maximum 60+ multiple choice color salwar kameez suites we offer. We are starting our career in Asia so our prices for Asian market are very lower. We have already so many National and international customers in Asia we supply our product in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, India, Malaysia, Philippines and Bangladesh.

Our Customers Satisfaction:

We have a lot of customers for wholesale and retail. We need to increase more our sales. Our sales team generates high quality products and different kind of handmade embroidery work daily. We have checked this product for and if any little issue of product quality so we rejected those pieces on the spot and make new. If any of our customers complain our any product so we have check the reason why customer is not completely satisfies. We understand the customers demand and try to manage our product for his need. We totally believe our sales team efficiency because they work hard and love to his passion. We believe that if customer complains for any issue of the product so we can solve the issue as quick as possible.  We offer cheapest price for our retailer customers just because of customer satisfaction.

Our products:

1) Lelan Salwar Kameez.
2) Cotton Salwar Kameez.
3) Lawn Salwar Kameez.
4) Ladies trousers.
5) Ladies Jeans.

Our product manufacturing:

We have different department of product manufacturing process. Each department workers are highly experienced. We have test the ability to our worker before hiring the job. Mostly have upto 25 years Experienced.

Our Quality:

We offer Pure Handmade production, High quality fabric, Reliable price, Variety of colors, Variety of design, Variety of clothes and most important our own manufacturing product.

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