Tuesday, 11 February 2014

embroidered dupatta

This is also one of the famous Pakistan product. We are also whole the embroidered dupatta. In local market we have sales China silk dupatta, Cotton embroidered dupatta, Silk embroidered dupatta and Indian banarsi design embroidered dupatta. Our manufacture team produce on daily basis 100 different colours and 100 new design embroidered dupatta. We are also retail this product in local market of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawer, Multan and Nawabshah. We also sale this product on Dubai, India and Malaysia. Recently we have found some new costumers on global market.

Our new goal is market this product on global market. Our small company marketing team have achieve new contract on China market. We generate more quantity of multi colours embroidered dupatta in year 2014. So our new plan is increase more sales to sale this product on global market such as England, London, France, Canada, Australia and USA.

Our product details:

1- China Silk ladies embroidered dupatta:

One the most popular product is China Silk ladies embroidered dupatta. This is very famous in Asia and Middle East. The quality of our product is very good.

2- Cotton ladies embroidered dupatta:

One hundred percent pure cotton embroidered dupatta is also very famous product. In local market of Pakistan we sale this product on heavy quantity.

3- Banarsi style and Silk embroidered dupatta:

Banarsi design embroidered dupatta is also very famous both India and Pakistan. Our manufacturing team expert use unique design to made this dupatta.

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