Monday, 10 February 2014

Pakistani bridal dresses

Pakistani bridal dresses also the most popular product. We have previously retail this product on Karachi local clothes market. Our manufacturing team provide us large quantity of bridal handmade and machine made dresses. There are so many design and multiple colours are available. Our team also manufacture handmade banarsi Saree design. Mostly local whole sellers buy this product with us because our product price are cheap and quality is very good. Not only for wholesale we also retail sale this product on local market of Karachi.

Recently the year of 2011 we sale this product an Indian clothes whole seller company and the company is satisfied and place the order of heavy quantity. Today we have so many costumers in India. We also sale this product local market in Dubai. Also we retail our products in Dubai since year 2005. 

We make a plan of globally marketing this product such as UK, London, USA and some other top regions. Our marketing team achieve some customers on European countries. 

Price of the one Pakistani Bridal simple Dress is 450 USD (Also available for local market in Pakistan with transportation but No transportation charges include for international market)

Price for Bridal normal Designing dress is 500 USD ( (Also available for local market in Pakistan with transportation)

Price for Bridal  Banarsi design dress is 650 USD (Also available for local market in Pakistan with transportation)

Place your order please contact us on Phone and Email. 

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